Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here comes {MONDAY}

The weekend is over. And all is well. LOL...
Play practice is over and David is telling us he is not doing it next year. Remember that K? Greg went to watch the games today and we are on our way to Super Bowl now. Next weekend, no football...what will we do?

Back to reality tomorrow. Two more days of subbing for me. Yay! I have a PC show tomorrow night and making my fav. - the Chicken Broccoli Ring!! Gonna put that on my PC webpage if you want the yummy recipe.

Then what?

Well, I have a ton of cards to mail to Kristin! I can't wait. I have cleaned out my paper I had a lot. And I am listing it on eBay along with some cards and a few other items. I am going to try that for awhile. I had made a bunch of stuff for a local shop here and sold one item. So, gonna try eBay. And so I am going to play more. Get a few more things cleaned out of my room to make way for new things. LOL...

I did make a couple more cards today and I'll post them later in the week. Doubt there will be time tomorrow. Off to bed now to be rested for that 6 am alarm. :(

Here is a little lunch pail I made for my Grandpa. My aunt made some card to go in there for him to write notes on. ETA she gave this to him for Christmas...just slow posting!

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