Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Was yesterday Monday?

Hmm... I woke up today not really knowing what day it was. And yesterday my coffee pot broke, so I am rreeeaalll slllooowwww today! Ugh!!

Here is a fun little card I did last night. I had gotten some extra cash so I ordered from Cornish Heritage Farms. One of the sets was the paisleys from Stampendous. So I used up some scraps from my Valentines Cards. So it was simple and fun. A fun little note about CHF is that I found out they are right down the road...in Chinook! How fun is that. So I like to support the locals and have bought a few other stamps there too. I got one that is a blacksmith shop so I am making tags for Dad's wagon wheels and then a stagecoach one b/c again Dad commished me to make some cards for the Wagon Train. So...had to buy them you know!!


Today is Stampers 10 Club here so I have a lot to do. And like I said I am dragging, so it's Mt. Dew for breakfast! :P This afternoon I am subbing at school and it's computer lab so I hope I don't fall asleep...oh!! I'll take my new CK and browse it again.

David is an actor. Well, a critter. The Missoula Children's Theatre is in town and doing Beauty Lou and the Country Beast. He and Greg went to auditions last night and David is a critter. So Wednesday and Thursday he has 2 hours practices and then Friday and Saturday are the preformances. I am excited for him to do something like this. He was excited and then not. He's so funny.

Have a great day...whatever day it is...


Kristine said...

:0) You're too funny!! I unfortunately didn't get the day off Monday, and I don't drink coffee *gasp* so I'm on schedule, LOL! This is such a cute set, and your card is simply cute as well!! My last 2 cards took me forever, so I think it's about time I do some really simple cards. Anyway, love your blog!

christina said...

i just love that card, and well all of your cards. how cute your kiddo is in a play. i would die if my coffee maker broke LOL and i would be very very very cranky that everyone would just want to shoot me LOL

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