Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy as a Bee...

Well, it seems to be this way at the Skiff house...either we have nothing to do or we are swamped. This week it's swamped!!

David is in the play...he likes it...not loves. LOL..he's silly about that. But tomorrow is the first showing and then again Saturday. I really thought this was a great idea but they are working the poor kids like crazy. Greg has been watching and was about ready to get up and slap a couple kids. :) Hope tonight is better for him!! He has no patience. So we have had two hours of practice each night and I am seeing I don't like that running so much. Ugh. Oh's almost over.

Tuesday I had Stamp Club here and we made the cutest little cans. I can't wait to post them on here.

I am subbing at school today and tomorrow morning. Wild. Always wild. But something to do and I can't wait for that check next week. LOL.. I am glad the house was cleaned up earlier in the week and not so much now. I am sure Saturday morning I will be ready for a nice scrub down. Or to sleep in whatever. Also have a Baby Shower this weekend and Greg is going to his Football party.

Like I said it's wild. I have been doing things so I will post them next week or over the weekend. Or next week! LOL...


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