Monday, January 22, 2007

{Cards for Sale}

Hey - you might see the note to the side there. I am going to start making cards to sell online and wanted to give you all the heads up first. You can email me anytime to get cards made for you. I am still working on the exact pricing as far as more extravagant cards. Mostly they will be fairly simple, a few embellishments, mostly ribbon. I want to keep the price around $2 and $3. I also will take orders on sets of cards, like 12, and they can be a variety of sentiments of blank cards.

So if this interests you let me know. Shipping is a flat $4.95 on all orders so I suggest stocking up. ;) So again, email me and I can answer all your questions.

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Cindy Keery said...

Great minds think alike! I just posted someting similar on my blog this morning LOL. I thought I might as well try to sell some cards to offset all the money I spend on my hobbit. (hobby/habit)

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