Monday, January 08, 2007

To Do

I am starting something new tonight... A To Do notebook. Well, I have these notes all over the place of things I need to get done. And usually at night I sit here and think about what to do for the next day. I have that very note on the counter so I remember it all come And there I saw these little notebooks I bought at the $1 (well, really $1.25 here. :P ) store and I was going alter them...and then have them. So why not use them. And keep my brain here with me. Instead of all over the place getting lost. So I have tomorrow and Wednesday all lined out. Maybe Wed. I should've put down, alter TO DO notebook. Hmmmm.... Oh well, I will.

I also think that this will be kind of cool to look back at in the next few years or even months. Or something my kids will enjoy later on. We found a little calendar my Grandma wrote on everyday for a couple of months when my aunt was a baby. I think that was 50 some years ago...I won't say ;) Anyway, it was cool to read. So I want to do things like that. I loved my Grandma so to be like her is an awesome thing.

**On a family note, we are going to GF tomorrow for Greg to see his Dr. He'll have an XRay and then a eval. Kind of excited to hear what he says. Not that we suspect anything, just want to hear. We are hoping and praying for good weather. It's going to be a day trip. David is going to school and then will stay with mom and dad. The other two maniacs get to go with us. So hopefully all goes well. We will decide in the morning.
OK, McKinley is awake for her nightly check in. Better go get her off to bed again!


Cindy Keery said...

Don't forget to add "Buy a cuttlebug" to your to do list. ;-)

Caroline said...

LOL! So I'm not the only one who alters her "To DO" notebooks?? WOOHOO :)

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