Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stamp Club

Well, this is the first time I took my camera and remembered to use it!! Yeah me!

Last night at our Stamping Up! group we went to Mary's house and ate yummy, yummy salads!! That was wonderful in itself. Then we headed down to her super awesome stamp basement (it's not the whole thing, but a lot! LOL)

We made paper. It was so fun too...and easy. There are a few tools that you would need that you might not have lying around, but otherwise it was easy to do.

We tore up bits of scrap paper, both white printed paper and cardstock. My group chose pinks. We tore them up and put them in the blender with water. Then blended them up. Then we put that in a large tub of water. From then on you need the special tools. Basically it looks like wood picture frame and some screen, and a larger plastic screen. I wish I would've taken a picture of that!

Layering those three in that order you tightly hold them and dip in your large tub of water. Swish around until you pull it up and it looks thick enough for paper. Then your partner and yourself daub the excess water out with a sponge and paper towels. With your paper between two paper towels you iron it out with a regular iron. Take the top paper towel off and let dry. To keep it flat we decided you need to put a book on it.

You can see my paper in the top picture. I used some of Mary's dried flowers.

I also have to apologize for the crappy photos. My camera is wiggin out....I believe some boys who were not to touch my camera dropped it.

I am sick...I do not want to have tp get it fixed. I've been messing with it and it's looking better today on different praying it's just that!!

In other news, my parents were out fighting fire most of yesterday. The fire started northeast of them and coutinued South. We drove out there last night and it was shockingly too close to them. Unfortunatly a lot was lost, altough no structures that were in use. At 8:30 they had it all out so we just pray for no more lightning storms and some rain,

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