Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Friday

It's Friday!! Yeah!!

Here are our Family Pictures from over the weekend.

This is the majority of the Mangis family that was here over the weekend. Out of the 42 in the family, there was 27 here. Monica was here but didn't get in on the picture. Otherwise we were all in on it.

RC loves to find the kitties... we think this lil white one with blue eyes is deaf...which is why he gets caught. McKinley wanted to see the kitty and wouldn't be happy until she hugged it, they she moved on.

Here is McKinley and Morgan...they are excatly two months apart. They really got along well for that age. McKinley is the brute tho...but when she steals Morgan's pacifier, then you better watch out. Morgan rips that thing back so fast!! It has been so fun to watch them together.

Then this is the only pic I have a David...he is too busy. He was organizing kick ball games and baseball ....he was not content just sitting and visiting like the rest of us.

The visit has come to an end tho...everyone is heading home today after lunch. It's been so nice, but we have stayed up too late and ate too much. We also got Aunt Mary's house ready to move really there are no complaints. Grandpa said he loved it cause he hasn't spent any money this last week...Aunt Mary reminded him of the charge accounts tho! LOL... Have a great weekend...I'll be back with some more creative things later on!!

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