Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Last Bellas for this week...

OK, I thought I would get all these Bellas out of the way and show you something different this week too. But really, I love these Bellas!! LOL....

The top one is Jammybella. Isn't she cute? I have some fun flannel PJ bottoms like that and I love them. And there is enough teddy bears around our house! Tee Hee Hee... I went with the colors from these cool flowers. (Got them at my LSS that's closing) Then added some hot pink to the combo.

Next is Super Bella...of course I went with the Superman colors. Had to! I made sort of a tent topper card. I think it looks really super hero -ish.

And finally, you know we all feel this way sometimes. My boys thought she was Snackabella, which was easier to just say yes, then explain PMSabella. LOL... I went with the colors from the PP in this one. Mounted her on the new Soft Sky blue and some Rose Red. Added some cutsy ribbon and done!

These were some of the simpler ones I made. I like them tho.

If you like the Bellas and aren't already a member, there is a Yahoo Group called bellaholicsanonymous. We are having a Summer Bella contest over there....starting July 10th, you can enter. So go sign up over there and join the fun!!

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