Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some News

Having camera issues so I thought I would post the following:

  • On Tuesday the 7th, I am hosting an Uppercase Living Open House here in my home. If you know where I live you can come over. Otherwise if you would like to look at their cool products visit the link on their name. I can also give you an ID if you would like to order something. You can make custom items as well. I just got my order from a show I went to. I ordered the Sampler and I hope to get them all on some wood here this week and to use before the show!!
  • I got my new Fall Paperwork for The Pampered Chef today. I was really on the fence about going back to this after the summer, but like always Fall (or Spring) Paperwork gets me excited again. And then to see the SUPER SEPTEMBER HOST SPECIALS!!! OMG!!! I am so hosting my own show!! If you love the cookware, but cannot afford it, well you need to book a September show right now!! You can get the entire 7-piece Stainless Cookware set for $180 just for hosting!!! I am flipping out about that!! Not to mention all the other great goodies! LOL!!!
  • Some smaller news is this weekend is our fair. We get to see Keith Anderson!!!! I love him and am super excited he is gracing our lil country fair. It is a total PODUNK!! I seriously think they should change the names on the town signs for the day while he is there! LOL....(our fair is held in a town of about 200!!!) I'm also entering some crafty items...my friend and I are challenging each other to this. Ugh...gotta take that down there Thursday, back Friday for rides and Saturday for the concert. Lots of travel time. Oh well.....

OK, that's my excitement for now....tomorrow I'll make this camera work...b/c it's the BIRTHDAY GIRLS BIG DAY!!

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