Tuesday, July 31, 2007

{I'm still alive!!}

In case you were wondering! LOL.

I have no new items to post tho...that stinks!! I am working on some Thank You cards that my cousin ordered for their new baby girl!! And I have ideas mulling around for some cards to make for our first back to Stamping Club....I know I am only 2 months early!!

Yesterday I took what cards I could to a local gift store. I have to go back today with my prices and such...I was flustered leaving her yesterday and didn't get everything. This store also carries pets...it's a lil family store..one has gifts, one has toys, one has animals and you can take your stuff in there too. Anyway, they now have this large parrot....who talks!! At first it was freaky to hear him say HI...then he proceeded to wave at us! I was laughing so hard I was crying and he started to laugh! OMG!!!!

So headed back today and going to show McKinley...that should be funny.

We also celebrated her and my mom's birthday on Sunday. Lil lady will be one tomorrow!! ACK!!! And my mom, well....she's up there...lol!!! It was a busy day tho...church, potluck for Pastor's last day (SAD), then went swimming with some friends and then the party! So yesterday was catch up day!

Today I will get down and get something crafty posted!!

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