Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good News, Bad News

What an awful picture here. Tha't bad news.

But this is some of good news. My cousin was here for a day and brought me this awesome Butterfly Looming kit. I cannot crochet or knit but this is super simple. I can do it!! So we will see how many projects I start cranking out. Part of the bad news, it's 90 miles to the nearest place I can buy yarn!! UGH!!!

This is McKinley's good cousin crocheted Mc this adoreable lil poncho and even tho it was 100* I put it on her and she's even cuter!! (ETA - I didn't make her wear it all day, just tried it on!! LOL)

The material my aunts found for me. They know that we are John Deere fans here...both boys have green and yellow blankets. So now I need to make McKinley one. I think I'll make a lil comforter for her Toddler Bed. And pink and brown are my favorite color combo!!!

The main bad news of the days was Crazy Daze just plain sucked. It's 100* again, no one was buying anything other than food. The boys did make about $20 in lemonade sales. But I sold one $5 journal...that's it! And the sad thing is that no one even looked!!! It's not like there were people browsing...there was no one out and no sales anywhere. There was the heat, swim team was out of town, a 4H thing, an auction, and next weekend is the fair. So.... my day stunk...and we came home shortly after lunch.

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April said...

Hey Katie,

I was just catching up on things after being on vacation and saw this post. I have a website that sells yarn, so I enclosed the link:


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