Monday, April 23, 2007

{Coffee Anyone?}

Mondays are well, Mondays. And we all need some coffee huh? I know I do...or at least some sort of caffeine. Greg took me out for drinks today, but I always get a Blended Drink...Cookies and Cream. YUM!!

Anyway, I was playing around with this set last night and these are the three cards I created. I don't think they are great, but I will send them off or have them on hand to share. I emboseed the mug with my smelly EB powder. Then went from their on designs. On the one with steam I used Crystal Effects. It didn't get the *effect* I wanted!
Then on the purplish one, I stamped on the ribbon. I do like that. I also used Versamark on the 2 background papers.
The front one is my favorite tho. I like those colors together. It's chillier today -and being Monday I should be cleaning up after the weekend. But I think I'll head downstairs and get crafty.

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