Tuesday, April 03, 2007

{Spring Showers}

Spring Showers bring May Flowers...does that hold true if they are Spring Snow Showers? Hmm... LOL It's snowing here...tried to all day yesterday and finally did overnight. RC was mad that it was winter again! But we definatly need it!

Today I have a Layout for you. Nothing fancy...my scrapbooking has been slacking lately as I am addicted to making cards and Bellas! LOL. But I got some new Crate paper from ScrapHappy KT and wanted to use it. So I got a cute lil pic of McKinley and this is the outcome.

This is her 7 months page. Does she have a 1 - 6 month page? NO. LOL...Man it's true what they say about the third child!! How awful am I? David has a complete book of his first year with every single picture scrapped!! And this is like McKinley's third or fourth layout!!I better kick it in gear! I hope you looked at the Bella Post below this one. I am giving something away!! So far the concensus is the TriFold Card...and the Shaving Cream...so can I work them in there together?

I've also been hit with the cold bug. I don't really feel bad but it's working on it. So gonna take it easy today and maybe play!! Have a great Tuesday!

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