Thursday, April 05, 2007


That's right I had to draw a winner today...and I did but then didn't make it back here.

Anyway, the winner is........HEATHER LEECH
who posted:
I would have to vote for the triangle tri-fold card. I've seen the beautiful samples and have been thinking that I need to try it out. Although any of your suggestions would be great!Heather L.

So Heather - email me your address and I'll get the images out to you. (It may be Monday before I do tho with Easter and all...)

And the concesus seemed to be that I should do the TriFold Card and some said with the faux Shaving Cream. So I am going to do two of each. This card is my TriFold card. It was something I whipped up but isn't the best. I am running out of ribbon so I need to find some that matches this paper.
Anyway, I am going to work on these this weekend.

WE just finished dyeing easter eggs....a couple dozen of them. And the boys have even eaten some of the hard boiled eggs...I didn't think they would like them. RC does. David soso.

Now I am off to whip up lunch, throw supper in the crock pot and then maybe rest. LOL...

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