Monday, April 16, 2007

{Finding Time}

Well, Hello and I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Our trip to see Larry the Cable Guy was great. He was hilarious...just like I thought he would be. We laughed for 2 hours...that was great!!
The rest of our weekend was uneventful. It was beautiful so we played outside. Took the dog for a walk and just enjoyed the sunshine.
So no stamping. But I had made this Birthday Bella a while back. I wanted to get a stash of bday cards up. Now I need to work on getting some Mothers Day and Fathers Day cards ready as well. And mom called for some of those too.
One thing that I often get asked about it finding time to be creative and play around on here. As far as computer time's sparatic. I try to pop on in the morning right after everyone goes to school and check emails and read some message boards and blogs. Then it's various times during the day. When everyone else is content doing something else, or when I run in to change laundry. Whatever. I just make time to sit a minute and relax.
Same goes for stamping or creating. I have had alot going on this last year. Life is crazy. And I could probably use a good therapist. But I have a creative outlet instead. And really that's my therapy. Frankly, this may be cheaper in the long run and I have more to show.
But, I get to go into my own room, where it's either quiet or I have my iPod on. I can make things, play, organize, just sit. It's very calming. And I don't have to think about anything laundry, dirty dishes, bills, life, etc. I can just play around. It's nice to have that time. And it's something that I need as well as enjoy, so I make time. I make sure that there is an hour a day I can go down there. It's just something I do.
It's also fun to schedule time to be crafty with friends. That's theraputic as well. I've heard of Stitch and why can't you do that when you are stamping! I've got to find a name for it...anyone? It's just always a good time with friends.
I don't think that most poeple are negatively asking me that. Sometime I feel like they are thinking I am not doing my mother/wife job if I have time to play around online or in my room. So I just tell them that I make the time to do it. And I don't feel I have to justify it, I just wanted to share. This is my passion, it's what I love. I don't smoke, or drink, or gamble. I stay home almost all the time. Greg will say different...but I am only gone 2 or 3 nights a month whether with stamping or Pampered Chef or church stuff.
I've learned a lot in the last year and my outlook has changed a lot too. You can't worry about's gonna happen anyway. I want to be happy in life. And I need some down time....and this is what I do. I could do many other things, I'm sure. But this makes me happy, it's make others happy when they get a handmade card or when the boy look back on their albums. That's what I want to leave behind. Happiness. So I find time to create it.

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Jovita said...

Ah this is so cute...I don't have this Bella stamp (yet)! I like the idea of having a stash of bday cards, it seems like I wait until the last minute to get a birthday card made.

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