Friday, April 13, 2007

{Family Friday}

It's Friday the 13th - does that scare you? My parents were married on the 13th...and I am the 13th grandchild on my mom's side. Now does it? Not me...just another day.

And we are leaving town!! Woo Hoo! A while back I told you we were going to see Larry the Cable Guy...and we still are. It's funny, b/c we sometimes see things like this and we say we want to go, but for some reason(Maybe finacially) we never do. So I am excited to go. He makes me laugh so hard. I can't believe one time a friend and I listened to his CD driving home from Billings at night. I don't know how we saw anything through the laughing. So I am ready for that now!!

Hope you have a good weekend...I'll be back tomorrow.

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