Sunday, April 29, 2007

Prairie Sale

OK, here are the pictures I promised from the Prairie Sale. This is stuff from our house and my parents. We've both moved and had to part with things. Some of the things my mom still had tho were wild!! She kept the Sea Monkey houses that my brother and I had way back! It was crazy.

The Sale started Friday night at 5 however we had sales before that...they swarmed out there! LOL. It was supposed to go Satruday and we only had a handful of customers so we loaded it all up and headed to the dump with some things and the Food Bank with others. We profited over $115.00 - so I had some mad money...that I split with Greg. LOL.. This is my dad, me, RC, Greg and David.
Here are the customers flocking in! LOL...

All I can say is I am glad it's over. My mom did most of the work, but it's such a pain to set up and then still have to haul it away. So from now on, I'm just hauling it away.

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Dawn Mercedes said...

Thanks for sharing this little big of local culture. I hadn't seen something like this before. Great least it is for someone who doesn't get to look at that sort of thing very often.

(I PMed my address to you through SCS. I hope you got it.)

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