Saturday, April 21, 2007

{Come back tomorrow}

I'll have creations posted!! Yippeee!!

We just finished up our stamp night. I didn't need to be so worried....there was only 5 of us and we sat aorund the poker table and had a {wonderful} time.

I think I got about 7 or 8 cards done and so much inspirtions from my friends!! Khristi brought all....I'm talkin' all....her CTMH stamps! Oh WOW!! I had a blast. Sets I never would've thought twice about.. So you'll see some of those.

Greg was on kid duty....then he remembered he was going to supper with his brother...ok, I remembered too. So he left and left the kids with me. They were OK....just wanted attention from the new people here! The ladies thought it was great that I got some many cards done and I was taking care of McKinley, running up to get the boys something...etc. That is my life...and I get cards done. I have to. LOL..

So come back tomorrow and I'll have some pictures... Oh yes, I asked mom to bring her camera so that I could take pictures of us stamping. Guess where the camera is? Still on the counter! Ugh. Oh well, they'll just have to come back! LOL....


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