Friday, April 13, 2007

Stippling and Ribbon

OK first off - the Ribbon Share -it's now on SCS...HERE. You can sign up there for the Ribbon and I broke it down into Color Families. It's a steal...15 cents a yard!! I am so excited.

Now to the Stippling that I mentioned the other day.

This is what we got from Bonny our demo here.

Stippling uses small dots to create an image or background with varying degrees of solidity or shading. The closer together the dots, the darker or more solid the color appears. Historically, printers have used stippling to shade line art illistrations because they can acheive rich shading and texture using only black ink. Lucky us -we have over 50 colors to choose from!

The best way to duplicate this look is with a Stippling Brush. Tap the brush on your Classic or Craft ink pad and then tap it straight up and down on your cardstock. Keep tapping until you have the desired shading. You may need to re-ink the end of the stipple brush as you go.
Create a soft, felted texture by stippling the matching ink and cardstock. An easy way to add warmth to a project.
After you use your On Board accents you can use the leftover as a template and stipple inside it, like a stencil.
For this image we stamped the image in versamark(or embossing ink) and then embossed it. Then stippled around the image. Then use a napkin to wipe off the image.

You can also stipple right onto your image and then stamp it on the cardstock. It looks really soft.

Some other tips -
Keep you image beautiful by cleaning your stipple brush with baby wipes between colors.
Using your inkpad works best for this technique. Ink refillers tend to over ink the brush, leaving gloubles of ink on your cardstock.

So enjoy and have fun!!

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GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

I've tried stippling before without much luck. I'll give your directions a try and see what happens. I found your blog from Lu-La's Corner and the ATC swap she posted. I'm in too. I would like to link your blog on mine at come by for a visit, please.

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