Monday, April 09, 2007

Now back to our Regular Schedule!

And Thank Goodness for that. David goes back to school tomorrow. And it can feel normal again! It was hard to keep that busy for 5 days when it was cold and icky out.

We did get the garage back in shape but I still have a few things to get back in off the patio and some to haul out. I just wish it would warm up.
Anyway, I hope you have a great Easter. We were able to spend the day at my mom and dads with family and that was nice. Nice to visit and just relax. Today was clean house day..oh it was driving me buggy!! It was also the boys' last dental visit for awhile. Woo Hoo!!

And I was able to create. Not this card, but some others. This card was just a trial of sorts. I wanted to see what it would be like if I punched the hole and then showed what was underneath. I like it. It lacks ribbon, but I like it. It's all Stampin' Up! If you came back to check on the ribbon, I am working on getting it on i'll post that later. It's a great deal on the ribbon so I hope to load up on it. Until then, I am gonna be working on my Ribbon Holder. Ah Ha!!

Nite ya'll

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Joan said...

This card is lovely. Like the colors and that peek a boo layout!

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