Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A couple of Frames

First of all...thank you all agan for the great ideas for the Craft Shows. I am getting more and more excited now about them. If you haven't signed up for the candy, stop here.

These frames have been super fun to alter. This one I made for my cousin and his new baby girl. I just added the paper and some fun chipboard stickers. They are all up on foam squares so they really pop out.

For this one, I used Wild Asparagus Brothers kit and used the word FRIEND. I like how simple they are but sooo fun!

I have been super cleaning this a Fall Cleaning. I was going to wait until the boys were back in school, but it's just been bugging me. The entire basement is back in order now and the storage room is also once again manourvable. Then we progressed on to the boys' room and got all the school clothes and books and toys sorted and weeded out. It really feels good to have that done before we head back to school.

I'll be back tomorrow with some school related projects...and I want to make some cards today too!!

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Anonymous said...

These are FABULOUS!

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