Tuesday, August 07, 2007

{Here I am}

Hi readers...I'm still here and kicking. I really need to get down to my craft room and get to work...my swaps are piling up and hearing deadlines now. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not...:D

This weekend was our county fair. We took the kids up Friday afternoon to ride the rides. There was about 10 of them total and maybe half that they could actually ride. Then there was a few that scared David. We laughed as they rode the big swing, David was holding on for dear life and RC was kicked back like it was super boring to him. It was good entertainment for them and they were able to ride with some friends too.

Then Saturday night we went up for the concert. This man did a good job...I think he was bummed about the size of the crowd tho....I guess that is what you get in a town of 200. There were many more than that, but we were in no way comparable to any other concert venue out there. But we had a good time with friends there. The kids were all great to sit there and enjoy it as well. David was grooving around, RC was playing with a friend and McKinley was trying her best to scale the bleachers. That was about all we could handle at the fair. Sunday we didn't venture too far from our chairs. I did work on my other crafty project. I now I mentioned I am hosting an Uppercase Living Open House tonight. Well, I had previously ordered a sampler of 8 sayings. So I went to the Lumberyard and had them cut me some 1x6's and I painted them and applied the saying to them. (I'll take a picture.) So that is where the creative juices flowed over the weekend.

We have also been dealing with some tough things through our church and we still feel unresolved after a long meeting last night. Now I guess just leaving it all up to God. Hopefully He will show us our path soon.

Today I have to prepare for my party and am going to help my aunt clean her new house to move in. So...I'll try to get something crafty for you all this week.

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