Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bella Key Chain and Mini Blog Candy

Well, first things first readers. While visiting with a fellow Bella online, I got the idea to use Minivanabella on a keychain. I just happen to have one lying around and viola!! This lil fun thing came out. HEre is the back.
Now it's not really me...my oldest doesn't wear bows like this walking girl here. So I think it's going into my sell pile. You know stuff I am creating for the craft fairs.

That leads me to the Mini Blog Candy. Up for grabs is 3 sheets of Whisper White SU! cardstock, stamped with Giddyupabella. I can get about 6 stamped on there. So you will end up with 18 images. It's not much, thus the MINI part. Anyway, what I want to know....and how you can win....
I need craft fair ideas. Do you sell things? If so, what sells the best? Or what would you think would make a coolest gifts for the upcoming holidays? I have tons of ideas and a few things done, but I would just like to know a few more and see what you other crafters are thinking.

You have until Friday at Noon to post and then I'll draw a name that afternoon.


Lisa C. said...

I love coasters at craft shows, and love giddyupabella, I would love to have more images of her. :-)

Anna said...

Very cute! I think I have some plastic key chains like that somewhere. I put them away in a safe place when I re-organized. It would probably take me longer to find them than to make something else, though!

Etha said...

Not sure about what sells at fairs as I have never done that. But if you like to stamp on wood like me, the wood items in your craft store are usually quite affordable and its terrible fun to stamp them :) Little boxes or mail holders or such. Just need a few stamps and some colored pencils, some sealer and you're done. I could imagine that those would sell, but then again, I have no clue :)

Lori said...

At the holiday vendor fair I did last December, nugget boxes went really fast. I did some with 5 nuggets and some with 6. I sold out of all I had and took orders for more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with lori. I had nugget boxes also and sold out of them. I also had the $1 2 year pocket calanders from Michael's and Altered the cover and back of the calender and slide it back in the cover. I had ten of those and sold out and also had orders for more. Good luck!
p.s. would it be ok to add you to my link list?

CAKVD said...

I don't own a single Bella, but I love them so much!! I like the mini gift bags that you can make. They are so cute!!
Cheryl KVD

Wendy said...

My coasters with martini glasses always sell like hotcakes, but I'm sure the Bellas on there would be even more popular. I have also found that the coasters have the biggest profit of all my items. I can usually get $15-$20 for a set of 4 that I have tied up in pretty ribbon. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Last year at an Archiver's Make and Take I got the idea to do this: I made some cute little agendas for my mom, mominlaw and stepmom for Christmas and they LOVED them. I use one too. They are really cheap to make and I think they'd sell really well. They are made of plastic sleeves by folios made by paper salon. I bought mine at Archiver's, you get 6 for 4.99. The agenda has a page for coupons, postage, a calendar, phone numbers, etc. It sounds complicated but they are VERY easy and FUN to stamp and decorate.
I'm also in a bella calendar swap and think that those puppies would sell like hot cakes! LOVE the litte shopping tote stationary set found on Amy Rysavy's blog, too... I know lots of people love to buy cards, and packaged in this VERY EASY to make lil' purse they are irresistable!! Just a few thoughts! Hope you have GREAT SUCCESS!!
Anjabella Angela

Angel Wilde said...

Magnetic bookmarks are a great seller. Journals and matching pens are good too.
I don't own a single bella, but have always wanted to play with the images so I hope I win your blog candy mini!

Patti said...

Very cute keychain! Super idea!!

I have found coasters, magnets and journals with pens sell the best.

I have also had luck with kid card kits. Good luck!

Betty said...

Cute idea - the minivanbella reminds me of my DIL - she has daughter and son (no 3rd though)
For craft fair ideas - I agree with coasters and magnets.

My church did a booth and I decorated water bottles with a piece of stamped c/s and added one of those individual drink mixes to it--very cute and who doesn't want something to drink while shopping?

foodpartyfun said...

I have found that the things that sell the best at craft shows are the more inexpensive items. Lots of people are looking for little gifts such as, book marks, journals, altered tins and cards (note cards and thank you cards sets seem to go over well. Thanks for sharing!

Pattyjo said...

I have sold things at craft fairs and the thing I found out is. Everyone WANTS to get something...but not everyone has the $$$$ so if you have some high prices and some $1.oo items, they eat it up. Because we are paper people on this site, I would suggest making up packets of cards for all occassions. The key chains are a great idea. Napkin holders for Special Holidays are fun. Refrigerator magnets, book markers...also those very popular paperclip decorations. Just have fun and make lots of money. *Smile*

Heidi Michel said...

Christmas Tea is a great one!! I never can keep enough in stock. Get well Campbells soup, w/ mini card and tissues. Candles with the centers drilled out (see my blog) and hmmmm.... lets see.... what else? RSVP pens and matching notebooks.

Hope that helps add to your list,

Lilian said...

i love bellas! some good things to sell would probably be coasters, or stamped candles, or stamped calendars. :)

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