Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Morning

Hi all..I realized that I hadn't shown you what I had done with my Uppercase Living purchases. These are from the first party I went to, I am still waiting for the ones from my party.

I bought the one color Sampler...it's was $35 and I got 8 sayings. So I went to the Lumber Yard and bought 8 pieces of 1x6's. Then I painted them white (Distant white actually, leftover from our living room walls.) Then I rubbed all these on there. It took me about a half hour to rub all eight on. And the night of the show, my 7yo rubbed a sample on his wall without anyone knowing...so he did it alone. It's that simple.

This one shows what I am doing with these samplers...I drilled eye hooks in the tops of the boards and then nails in the wall to hang them on.
These say Happy Easter, Enchanting Spells - which I sponged some orange on, Sweet Land of Liberty - I sponged red and blue on this one, and Happy Thanksgiving.

This last one is Kisses and Hugs - sponged with red, Peace on Earth and Happy Harvest -I marked where the pumkin would go and colored it orange before applying the saying.

The other thing is, the demo had them on tiles from like Home Depot, and you can place it how you want...it doesn't nessecarily have to be in a straight line.

I am hoping my order arrives today so I can play with the new ones I got. I ended up getting alot Free, so I was super happy!!

If you want to check out the website, go here ---> Uppercase Living or the name highlighted above too.

Have a great day all!!

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Jeans inky hugs said...

Those look wonderful. I like where you put the Welcome sign.

I've never heard of this company before I will have to check them out!

Thanks for sharing.

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