Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Want a FREE CK subscription??

Well, do ya? So in my newest catty was a note saying that when I renew I can get one who wants it? I don't know anyone around here who might, so it's a Blog Tart I guess. I'll draw a name on Tuesday!! Just leave a comment on here.

Oh this week is flying by. Guess what I did yesterday? Scrapbooked!! Two pages!! Awesome! I was excited. I do have my mom's camera but I need to get some batteries....her rechargeable ones stink. :(

I also helped my SIL with a secret project for this weekend...woo hooo haa haaa.. LOL... And my niece called her *crafty aunt* and I said UhOh! I knew what it was and I was happy to help...we made cute lil tags to go on the yummy starbucks coffee she is giving as favors at her wedding this weekend. She called me today but just to come hang out with I know she isn't totally using me! (Just teasin')

But, my brother and his wife showed up today. Lindsey came in earlier and said oh yeah your bother and dad will be here at noon. OK, well let's order chicken! LOL.... They all headed out to the Wagon Train tonight....:(.....and Lindsey is taking the train to see a friend tomorrow. So we are going to do some shopping in the morning. So it was a crazy day. Of course we had to have Grandpa and Aunt Mary over for lunch too.

RC was not happy to go to school...he said Mom, last time it wasn't awesome. Now does that not break your heart. I know it's just scary and overwhelming, but he always comes home talking about all kinds of things. although he did say his friends all pick their nose and no one plays. Yeah right...they are all 5 yo one stands still!!

So, I was worried that at lunch recess they would see all the vehicles here at home and I was right. He wanted to know whose blue pickup that was and I said Uncle Matt. I told David that he said and that he asked if he could come home to see his uncle. Not til Saturday now.

So we have been's 10 and the first time I've been on the computer all day. I guess that is OK tho...the world isn't ending!! My to do list is getting long tho.
  • Sort pictures and start scrapping more.
  • Stamp some images for Blog Candy
  • Get challenges ready for bellaholicsanonymous first Stamping Daze
  • Start scrapping for another lady
  • Get things ready for the Shoebox Swap
  • No join anymore swaps for now!!!
  • ****Work on my dream plans**** (I'll tell you that later on)

Now those are just crafty related plans...but I will tell what is done around here

  • Scrubbed the cabinets and the floor by hand!!!
  • Scrubbed the main bath extra well
  • Scrubbed my table and chairs extra well
  • Completed what laundry there was yesterday and most is put away.
  • Feel pretty good about having lots of company this weekend.

OK, that's enough blabbing. I'll see you all Monday...thanks for hanging in there for me!!


cjknick said...

I quit my subscription to CK a year ago because of the direction they were going. I see now that they are heading back in a direction that I enjoy. I'd love to resubscribe but have put it off due to it not being in the budget but I would love a subscription! I'd even pay for 1/2 of yours! :)

Thanks for this offer. Wish me luck!

Cindy in Boise

foodpartyfun said...

A CK gift Subscription would be awesome! Thanks for sharing.


Heidi Michel said...

I would be honored to get a subscription to CK I have never had one. Hmmm something to check out.

Thanks for the opportunity and love your blog!! So many great ideas!!


bethtrue said...

Hi Katie - oooh I'd love a subscr! :-) I enjoy your blog and appreciate all your creative ideas. Thanks!

Beth B. (mommy to a busy 4-yr old)

Cindy Keery said...

Oh wow, what a nice gift you're offering!! I'd love this! :-D

Peggy S said...

Very cool -- I've wanted to start scrapbooking but not sure how to start-too many choices!

Gina Wrona said...

WOW, what an awesome blog tart!
Sure, throw my name in your "hat" to draw.

CAKVD said...

OMG!!! I love CK, but I don't have a subscription yet. That would be such an awesome prize!!
Cheryl KVD

Shannon Roberts said...

Well I do! never have had one & would love it!! Happy Birthday to me; please??????????

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