Friday, August 17, 2007

{Family Friday}

TGIF!!! It's the end of another week and the end of our last full summer week. The boys both start school next Wednesday. I think we are all ready.

One new thing that is taking over our house is McKinley is walking. SHe's doing pretty good too and likes it more than crawling. David is pretty good about walking with her but RC tries to pull her along. Here she is walking to her lil kitchen...she loves it!!

Then there is RC. He got a new Deigo costume from Avon this week. He loves Dora and Diego and we decided that he could be Diego for Halloween. Of course, we have to try it out first. Should we spraypaint his hair too? Hmmm.....

No pics of David. Honestly I have been bad about taking any pictures when they aren't working out well. But this week I'll be snapping them for back to school.

OUr weekend plans include the new premiere of High School Musical 2. The boys have been obsessing over it for the last few weeks. All the hype on the Disney Channel....they are counting it down and so are the boys. So I think we will let them have a lil party tonight to watch it. Then tomorrow we are going to head to the mountains about 100 miles from here. Greg's brother and family are going camping there so we are going to spend the day out there. It should be fun, but some things to get done for it today. Sunday Greg and a group are doing some painting at the Robinson house...a historical home here. A full weekend. See you all Monday.

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Maus said...

How cute!
yeahhh for walking!!
oh be careful with spray painting or dyeing that blond hair of your son's. My son has squeaky blond hair, he used to go to parochial school for many years. He also had a great vacation in Germany with my family and came back with,hmmm, a great green streak in his hair, very classy. Only that the schools back east didn't allow painted hair. I used everything on the poor boy, we finally went to the neighbors who used to bleach her hair blonde, she was certain it would work. Yeah, we got a neon orange out of that LOL... better than green anytime, but still what a shocker!

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