Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sunday evening...

Well, I am excited to report that our last weekend before we head back to school was filled with fun.

Yesterday we loaded up and drove about 120 miles to the Bear Paw mountains where's Greg's brother and SIL were trying out their new camper. Also there daughter and her family were there, so it was a great day. They found an awesome campsite with a lil pool in the creek for the kids to play in. I even set McKinley in the water and she had a blast. I am hoping that we could spend more time there sometime soon. It's a prefect lil place to fish too. Of course, it got late and we weren't home until after 10...nice drive home dodging deer.

Today we got up and headed over to a historical house to paint the wrought iron fence. {note to self...we do not want one} This house is part of the museum in town and Greg was part of a leadership committee this last winter that learned more about our county. As a group they decided to do work around the area to help out. So this was the first project and it was fun. We didn't realize that it was going to take as long, but not everyone could come and it was more then we thought. But we had plenty of kiddos to help out and we got it all done.

We all kind of took a late nap and haven't even really fed anyone today! We are awful. Now tomorrow we need to get back into gear and get things ready for Wednesday...Back to School!

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