Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blog Fun

First off, scroll down if you haven't posted for Blog Candy....remember you do not need to have ever made anything, just post an idea. I am really loving all the ones so far today and seeing the new blogs. I am so behind on all my blog reading. I am trying to read some while I cook lunch and this is all over Blog-ville.

You have to use the first letter of your name here.

Your Name: Katie
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Kenny Chesney...hubba hubba
4 Letter Word: kite
TV Show: Knight Rider
City/Town: Katy, Texas
Boy Name: Kevin
Girl Name: real name
Occupation: Kitchen help...LOL
Something You Were: Kilt
Celebrity: Kate Hudson
Food: Keewie
Something Found In A Kitchen: Kettle
Reason For Being Late: knitting a new shirt!
Cartoon Character: Kim Possible
Something You Shout: Keep out!!

I do have some other frames and fun things today...I'll be posting them later. We are going over to check out the new classrooms and teachers today.

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