Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School

Well, today was the day. I think I am still in shock that it was already time to head back to school. Didn't they just get out? Hmm.....
Here are the two before we headed over there. (I borrowed my mom's camera to not miss today) It was chilly out this morning and I think only in the 70's now. Brr... But both boys were up right away and ready to head out. Finally at 7:30 I turned on some cartoons so they would relax that last 1/2 hour. Geez.
RC went to his class first. He was excited and even though his friends weren't there, he sat quietly (yes, that is what I said!!! SHOCK!!) at the table. We left to take David to his room and RC wanted to stay there.
David was the first one in his room and wasn't really wanting us to leave. He is such a nervous nelly. So we waited around there til his friends showed up and he went outside to play. We stopped back to RC's room and his friends were there then and he was still A-Ok.

I think that mom is OK too. It's still so shocking to me that RC is in school, David's in 2nd grade and it's that time of year already. Never before has that been hard for me. I think it's going to be even tougher when McKinley heads out to school. You know she is going to be like an only child now that the boys are gone and she'll be home full time for at least 3 more years. Yikes!! Should we plan another one? Let me think about that....NO!! Heck no! LOL... She is going to keep me busy enough!! She is used to following the boys around and has been following me today. Except now her and dad are sacked out in the recliner. Lucky them!

I can't say that I got an exceptional lot done with the boys gone. I did laundry and the like...boring and thankless things. I am working on some other things too. So I did a little.

The boys are supposed to sign up for Awana and I am supposed to go to training. It's a touchy area there, so I do not know what to do and it's literally 2 hours away. Ugh.

It's been a good day over all and I'll adjust to the idea of school here soon. Check back tomorrow for part two of my Uppercase living things...they came yesterday and I slapped them right up!!


Tracy.H said...

You have two cuties there! Is your house across the street from the school? Lucky you!! Mine have about a 1hr bus ride each way!

Lori Barnett said...

How CUTE is THAT!! Thanks for sharing :)

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