Monday, August 13, 2007

{Frame Fun}

I found these cool frames at Ben Franklin Crafts on Friday for $3 so I bouught 5. I was so excited and as I was going through my Life Preserver kits, I found this school one. The black ABC tape is awesome huh? The paper is from Lil Davis and I love that old retro look. For this I simply cut the paper to just hair under the size of the frame and cut out the middle..see the glare!! WOW!! Then added the ribbons. I wanted more, but when I played around with it, it looked like too much. I was so excited, knowing this frame will most definatly sell....then realized that the stand only goes one way. The other way. Ugh. And no more paper like this left...of course, I love it!!
So I'll have to try something else on the other ones. One I plan to make baby girl like for a new baby girl we have in the family!!

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