Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's nearly Monday now...

OK, I do have alot to share with you and will get it all uploaded first thing Monday...well, after the coffee.

The last few days have been busy. We got all our school shopping done and were home just in time for a nasty wind storm to blow through. Nothing damaged here but mom and dad's outhouse blew over. Good thing they got indoor plumbing last fall....ROFL!!! **Sorry**

Yesterday started early with the boys and Greg going to breakfast with my dad. So all that commotion woke McKinley and I so no sleeping in. I had a lot to do so I just got to it, making a dessert and cleaning the plates for our neice's wedding shower. That was in the afternoon and so fun. It is fun to see all the new Wedding Gifts! I loved that part of getting married. The boys had ended up out at my mom and dad's for the day so I went out there for supper and to pick them up.

Today was so lazy really. We didn't get going too fast and then Greg and the boys left to go shoot praire dogs with the friends. So I had a nice quiet afternoon with McKinley and got a lot done. Fun things to share with you.

I thought I would get all this blabbing done tonight so I could share fun stuff tomorrow!!

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