Friday, June 15, 2007

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hello everyone!
I know I posted pictures this week from our trip, but now I am getting back to Family Fridays. I hope that makes it easier for family.

We have had another nice week. Trying to keep caught up on everything. Full Swing of summer. The pool, which is right next door, has yet to open. We're all bummed. It's been so nice too. I think tomorrow or Monday it should open up.

The boys have been going to VBS this week. RC is really into this year and I like that. Usually he's the one who wants to stay home with mom, but he's getting braver. David is almost getting too old for that you know. He's all of 7. Drama!

We had a lil rain this week. Mostly early morning showers. You can see here that McKinley loved it. She always gets in these cars backwards and then when she found the water in the back, she was super happy. She splashed it all out!

She also had the lil neighbor girl come over to watch her last night while we went to TBall. McKinley had never seen her before but she was so excited for another friend to be here. So they tooled around the neighborhood in the stroller.

It was nice to not have to worry about her last night. Greg's been opening up the weight room and now he's the only one on nights so he is missing TBall. And since I coach RC's team, I can't take McKinley too. Then I would have to bring something stronger than water. (just teasin')

Both of the boys are doing good at Tball. David is always practicing at home anyway, so he is pretty good at hitting the ball. Now if he'd pay attention in the feild! LOL...

RC, well he just needs to pay attention! That age tho is so fun to watch. They hit the ball off the T and then turn around to see who's watching them before they run in! It's great.

This year I took my own pictures. I think they are just as good as the ones taken there. they are.

No major plans for our house this weekend. The Colgate Country Showdown is Saturday night and then we plan to BBQ for Father's Day Sunday.

I'll be back later with some more creations.

Otherwise, enjoy the weekend!!

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