Thursday, June 21, 2007

{It's Hot!!}

Wow it warmed up here today. My thermo is saying 100 even but it's in the sun. What a doofus to put it there anyway! It's Hot tho. I didn't even let the boys go to the pool's just too hot to be out. So where did I go? To the basement. YES!!

I got RC's birthday invites done and ready to mail. Got a pages scrapped. BUT.....I am going to start submitting some of my layouts. I don't know what the harm would be to post them on my blog but some places are sticklers about it. So...that is my goal....I would like to get published, or on a Design Team or something fun like that.

I just wanted to pop in here before we leave for TBall. We have rain outs, but no heat outs! I wanted to call in sick tho! LOL... for TBall..I'm crazy! Just a good excuse to head to the DQ afterwards!

See you tomorrow...where if it's hot again, I'll be making something I can share with you!

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