Wednesday, June 06, 2007

(It's a Beautiful Day for Stamping}

I say BEAUTIFUL, because it looks like this out! Cool and rainy. And you know I am still not tired of it.
ETA- I haven't been stamping...I need to clean my room first, but it is a nice day for stamping, right?

We had a nice weekend to play outside but I really like days like today esp. since I have things to do inside.

Also, I didn't make it on here yesterday. TBall started and yes, I can't say No and still am in charge. And really I don't mind doing it all. It's just sometimes I wonder why other people don't think ahead. They wait til the last minute and think I am just waiting around for them! And also when people call about Rain Outs. That bugs me. I think, if you don't want to play, don't's so simple. If you think it's too rainy, then stay home. DUH.

Ok, so enough ranting.

I'm working on those Bella cards to get them on her later today. Or sometime. I'll get them on. You know I will.

So for now, you have to enjoy my family pictures.
Here are the maniacs in the pool Monday.

Then Miss America in her bikini. I think I would kind of look like that ....with my belly hanging all out over between the two peices. Although I don't think you would say mine is cute!

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