Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Biker Man

Greg got his new bike today! I really am not sure who is more excited around here. We were told it would ship out on the 20th so when we came home and the delivery guy was here we were surprised.

We had to put some of it together but so far it seems to work great for him. He went around the block a couple time and said he was going 12 mph! I joked that it would only take him a half hour to get to the farm! LOL..('s very hilly out there)

We also had just stopped and ordered the boys new bikes. RC for his birthday and David, just because he's spoiled! So now, I need to get my bike tires fixed and the bike cart fixed up for McKinley. We are going to be so rollin' ROFL!!!

Here is RC and Dad. RC has already been in trouble for messing with the bike. It won't be long and the novelty will be gone

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