Monday, June 04, 2007

{Monday Monday}

Ugh it's Monday alright. I'm really not a fan, especially after running in and out of the house all weekend. I feel like it's all ganging up on me!

It was very warm here today and David thought the pool was supposed to open today. Turns out MAYBE next Monday. So after I ran to store, and we walked to the mail, I decided to buy a small pool. That way McKinley has a place to be cool when the boys are at the big pool. It was a HUGE HIT! Even to her, she was crawling around in it with her bikini on! LOL.. I'll post the pics later on.

There was also just a lot of other stuff to get caught up on today too.

As for crafty things, man, I have a long list of cards I need and soon too. I started to clean my room up and I need to get back down there and finish.

Tomorrow starts TBall for I have a lot to prepare for that, other things to get taken care of before end of day. So no creating for me!!

I do have the Bella Cards I got from a Swap, so I'll post them tomorrow for you all!! Just bear with me!

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Markie's Mom said...

I can't wait to see photos!

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