Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Highlights

Well, we had a super weekend. We drove over to Dickinson Friday. The kids were pretty good travelers. McKinley was really good about sleeping in her seat and the boys did off and on as well. I can see that a DVD player would be an advantage.

We went to a lil town and the local bar for John's 40th party. It was orginally to be a surpirse, but he found out. He was still pretty excited about it tho. It was a super late night tho, and then McKinley thought it was time to party when mom got home. Oh! I did get to sleep in Saturday morning.

Then Saturday afternoon we headed to Bismark to watch their son play baseball. We did a lil shopping there, but nothing much. Another late night as the game didn't get over until 11 and it was over an hour drive back! TWO LATE NIGHTS!!

But the time there was so fun, and it was nice to be able to hang with such cool people. We were really needing the weekend away and to just have fun. Thanks John and Beth for the hospitality!! We will see you next month!!

Sunday we started the journey home. We detoured through Sidney to see Kristin and Travis. We got there a lil late for lunch, but they were nice and waited! LOL... Poor Travis! ;) They had some fun toys for the kids and we got to check out there house and town. It was a nice break in the trip really! Mc slept to Sidney and then from their to Glasgow! What a great traveler! Now if I could've kept the boys away from each other, we would've been OK.

We also got loaded down on some fun toys that Jordie sent home for Mc to play with, and some of Conner's old playstation games. I am not sure if Beth with have enough left for her garage sale. Tee Hee Hee. But the boys have kept busy today playing with Mc's new dollhouse.

I also managed to get my house back in order. I had a lil stress from people who don't listen. I didn't get to stamp anything. (Kristin did give me some cool goodies!!) We went out to my mom and dad's to let Hunter run and the kids play. We were going to try a bike ride but we need to fix our bikes up.

Now, we are ready for some bednight snacks and PJ's. See you tomorrow.

Pics: 1 - birthday boys singing kareoke(yes, I sang, no you won't see the pictures!) 2 - Salem Sue, the big cow 3 - Jordie, RC and David on Sue's legs 4 - Jordie and Mc...I think we could've left Mc there and Jordie would take great care of her. 5 - Kristin and Mc 6 - Travis, Greg and the boys playing with bubbles.

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