Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I NEED....

{I have some cards to post, but I am having camera/port troubles...so check back}

When I started this blog last summer, it was b/c I then too, was having troubles with my camera connecting to the PC. I was also having trouble emailing pictures to everyone. So I wanted to start a blog and they could come here to see them.

Well, then I started looking at blogs and found that ladies were posting their card creations on there. WOW! These ladies were so great. It really motivated me to step up my card making process. And I am excited to say that I feel that I have grown as a stamper from this.

I won't say that it's been cheap. LOL... In reality, blogging is Free, so what can beat that huh? But not only have I got inspiration, I've also gotten links to more shopping site and found new stamp companies. One great one, Cornish Heritage Farms is just down the road from me! How cool is that? I've also made some great friends that really GET what I am talking about when I talk Stamp.

The point of this post was to say that I am making myself create better cards. At least in my opinion. And it's also making me think more about them, and the colors and techniques. But I've also made a list of tools that I would like to purchase to help me make my cards better.

I would like a nice Paper Piercing set. I NEED more card stock now. I would like a scalloped punch. I NEED ink refills for some older inks.

Now, those wants are not just giving into what HOT on the blog world. I still see a few cards made with Cuttlebugs that everyone had to have this spring. But they aren't as HOT now. I do think that the Paper Piercing set would be so versatile but I also think that the scalloped punch is just a fad for me! LOL..plus I'd have to have all 20 to be satisfied!

So, I guess my blog is ever changing. I just hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I do typing it!!


Nancy said...

I enjoy it!! Keep on sharing!!

jodene said...

I enjoy your blog as well. Thanks for sharing!!

Anna said...

I have enjoyed your blog, both your kids pictures and your stamped creations. Keep up the great work!

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