Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our Weekend....

It's been a great and fun weekend for us. We live in such a small town that when things happen you really have to go out and enjoy them fully! Otherwise you lose out.

This weekend was Dino Daze, a car show and a Drag Race!! Wow!! Busy. Our area has become more popular lately with the Dinosaurs that have been found around here. We have our own Field Station where they work on them and the Discovery Channel has even been here working on a show for it all. Kind of neat for lil ole Malta really. You can read more here - MT Dino Digs.
or here - Chamber.

Our weekend kicked off Friday night. Greg was part of a Leadership Committee that learned more about our county. So Friday they **Graduated** from this lil program. They held the graduation at the Wine and Dino. Something we have never went to before, but we figured we would go this time. They had a lot of fun food (i.e. Dino Dung) and wine and some Old Bone Ale(a MT microbrew) I had a little too much of all of it really! LOL...I figured I would try the wine since we never really have it much (Ok, so Boone's Farm out of the bottle doesn't really count!! LOL) We also figured that we would eat and run, however there was a group of 5 of us that were the last to leave. I mean, we were booted out! It was so much fun cheeks hurt from laughing! I think we all plan to do it again next year!

Yesterday we were a bit more mild. After all the rain it was a beautfiul day. We strolled downtown to the Car Show...they had so many souped up cars and a lot more racers this year. Even some bikes and tractors as well. Plus they have the dig pit for the kids and a bouncy house, and all kinds of vendors. It was a fun day. We then had Greg's niece and her family over for a BBQ. Nothing fancy, just last minute decided to feed everyone. We always have a good visit, but we didn't pat close enough attention to the kids I guess...when we went out the boys were riding through the mud but RC ended up laying in it!! Ugh. Oh well...they were enjoying themselves!!

Today we headed over to the new Drag Strip and watched the races. It was an Open thing so you could race whoever in whatever kind of car you wanted. So there were racers, AMX cars, family suburbans, lawnmowers, new pickups, you name it. It was so hot, but it really was a great time. I got a lil pink, as did everyone else, but I can start summer with a tan!!

Top two pics: Downtown and the kids on the Dino Train, RC and David in the mud. Bottom pics: Kids at the race, a couple races.

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