Friday, June 29, 2007

{Family Friday}

Good's FRIDAY!!! Yeah!

It's also the end of June...what happened there! Time flies.

I thought since I posted the Birthday boys' pictures yesterday I'd share the rest of them today.

First up, lil Miss was helping sort the laundry. She thought that was great fun and she thought the vibration of the machines was great too.

When we went to Gpa and Gma's, Gma had put the airplane swing up so lil Miss could ride it. She loved it. She has two top teeth of the side and we call them her vampire teeth. You could really see them when she was flying!!
David and RC both started Swim Lessons this week, but RC isn't into it yet. David, however is a fish. I caught one of him doing a cannonball and then just swimming. He loves it.

He actually ended up with a pretty bad sunburn from spending too much time over there. But it's also been great to not hear I'm Bored!

Lastly here is one of lil Miss and Dad. We got this hankies with some new shampoo and had to try them out right?

Busy weekend, tomorrow we will have RC's birthday party and dinner here. I need to get a lasagna and the cake done before then. David has a party to go to Sunday, and it's also our Church Picnic.

I am also happy to report TBall is over. {happy dance} The boys did good but it really gets to be long.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday!!

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