Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some more baby cards.

Yep, more baby cards. I think I posted that I didn't know many babies coming, then I decided to make a lil list and I do know ALOT!!

Also, we found out my cousin and his wife had a baby a month ago. Didn't know they were expecting. Hm. I have two more cousin's expecting and 2 friends. Wow! Anyone else out there I need to know about? LOL..

So I used some WISH RAK images. I love this lil set - Bundle of Joy. Another that I love, but never bought. I did find out my friend Mary has it tho! Woo Hoo!!

I made this top card to send to my cousin. Then this bottom one is for another cousin. I told her I would make her some announcements to send out. So I was playing around and came up with this. I really like it. Simple yet cute.

And I realize now I didn't crop my pics. Oh!

We are really enjoying the summer time this week. Getting into a routine somewhat. The boys have been going to VBS in the mornings and McKinley has been taking her nap then. What joy! So I have been workin on the chores then. Then walking back to get them and the mail. It's been so nice out and I enjoy the walk, as does Mc. The boys always complain about something! LOL... Boys. Ugh.

It's only half way through TBall and I am once again regretting it all. As much as I really don't mind the whole organization process, I depsise the whole dealing with parents process.

Tonight we are going to walk over to Greg's dad's and then to my Grandpa's. They are working on the house behind my Grandpa's for my aunt to move into. You might say it was his guest house, but it you saw you would'nt. LOL...

Off to manage the maniacs!!

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