Tuesday, May 22, 2007

{good morning}

Are you tired of coming here an not seeing any pictures? Well your wait is almost over. Today around Noon that wonderful man in Brown will be coming here with my new CAMERA!!! Yeah...watch out world here I come. {the last time I got a new camera, I was snapping pics of Greg as soon as he came home from work!}

However I wanted to send you to a few blogs that have some fun things...These are blogs that I enjoy looking at and where I get some creativity.

The one that started me out looking at blogs -------> Amy R.
I also LOVE this one...she is uber talented ------> Emily
One of my newer places to visit ---------------->Charmaine

It's a blustery day out...too bad I have chores to get done first, but I do need some cards for birthdays. I also have a nice pile here waiting to be photographed, so this week I will have creative things for you. I also have some other things I am working on that I'll share when I get it all ready.

Hope you are nice and warm!!

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