Tuesday, May 22, 2007


LOOK WHAT I GOT ------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>
MY NEW CAMERA!! Yeah me!! I was so excited when Mr. Brown came EARLY!! Woo Hoo!! I was ripping the box open and getting this out. RC and Greg came home and I was snapping them! LOL...See I told you I was a fruitcake!

So I thought I should post some fun things for you today...not pictures of my family coming in the door. LOL..

This first set is all the cards I created for VSN. I know I scanned them this weekend, but I wanted to take a picture and they were sitting here!

This next one is all the great mail I've been getting. I signed up for the WISH RAK on SCS and I love it. I am also loving sending some too...it's nice to be needed huh?

Well, yesterday I got all those groovy scalloped punches, and Loads of Love pickup.

Today I got the Cowboy Kid and the Best of Cluck! **I just had a wonderful idea...my cousin is getting married this weekend...to a Kluck. Could I do something with that! Oh yeah!

Anyway, that is my post for now...

Since I have the camera, I plan to get back to Family Fridays and pictures of what my family has been up to during the week. That will only be posted on Fridays. The rest of the week is fair game. Although you should know, this is the last week of school, so I will probably be enjoying summer vacation and not making this my top priority. I am however making Stamping or Scrapping something a priority this summer. I vow to make at least one card, or do one layout a day. That's a lot. But I NEED that time!!

Don't leave me tho....I'll still be sharing it all with you! OK, off to work on laundry!!

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