Tuesday, May 15, 2007

{Time to babyproof}

I know I should have started that 9 months ago, but I was not pushing McKinley to crawl at all. I love that I can set her in place and she's still there when I come back. Well, those days are over. Until I find a Baby corral...is that the right term? LOL.

Anyway, those days are over. She is mobile and she wants to see what she can get into. It started with more of a scoot. She was sliding on her butt pulling herself with one leg. That was Saturday. Today it is a full fledge crawl. And pulling doors open, emptying the bottom cupboard shelf, pulling on things to stand up! Two nights in a row now I have gone in and she's standing in the crib.

No more baby....it's big girl, I want to destoy!!! Ah. It's been 9 months but I'm still not ready.

It does make it all a little easier to digest when I say her name and she flashes that million watt smile. I guess, I already clean up after the other 3 in the house, why not her too. LOL...

Life is never Dull. Thank the Lord for that! *Ü*

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Darcy said...

what a fun time!!! too bad the baby proofing didn't stay with ya from the last one! heheeh!

just give her a tupperware cabinet and all should be happy! (well i say that and little guy today was working on the pots and pans cabinet)*rolleyes*

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