Sunday, May 13, 2007

{Happy Mother's Day}

Happy Mother's Day to all the great Mother's out there!!
This is what I am giving my mom today. It's another clipboard and I decorated it to say What's Cooking? so she can use it to hold her recipes when she's baking! She's a great baker!!
I also ordered her some Food Candles. I got them from Pixies Candles....and they will be awhile. But some time ago my mom got this great cake plate with lid. Well, she thought they needed cake or goodies on there all the time. So she was always making them. So I decided that I would order her these so there would at least look nice, but they wouldn't have to be eating something all the time. We talked about it, so it's not like I think they eat too much!!
As for my own Mother's Day, McKinley woke me up with her smile around 6:30 this morning. At least there is something good to wake up to. David and RC made me their own cards, and both had also made me some cool things at school.
Greg sent me an awesome Email too. All wonderful things! And that's about all I need! The love from the 4 of them.
I did however, also get to pick out a camera. You know mine died in January and I've had my mom's for the last couple weeks. We were waiting for some extra money to come, it came yesterday and I got the go ahead to order one. I looked around and I think that I am sticking with Kodak. I really like their cameras. Also, I found one with 12X zoom! I cannot wait!! I actually think that Monday I am going to see if Radio Shack has the one I want before I order online. I really want it now you know!!
Well, you all have a great day. After our lunch out, I hope to take a napp with McKinley and then play. Oh yeah, and cut ribbon! LOL....

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Dawn Mercedes said...

What a clever idea...I'm assuming it is a smaller sized clipboard? My mom is a big baker/chef...I will have to hunt down one of these clipboards. Now to hope that she doesn't read this blog. She browse a lot too! Thanks for sharing.

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