Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's the Weekend!!

Happy Saturday everyone. Lots to do at the Skiff house today but I wanted to pop in and say Hello as well as wish you all a Happy Mother's Day!! I hope tomorrow is peaceful for you all.

I wanted to sleep in today but no luck on that part. By 7:45, David was in the bath, RC was outside already and McKinley was scooting around getting into stuff. So I just sat back, read the paper and enjoyed my coffee. How boring would my life be if I was able to sleep in every Satruday morning. *Wink*

So I will start my day. Have to work on ribbon, which is relaxing I've found! Greg was up til after 1 wrapping it. Not that I asked him to, he just did. Well, he will be tired today. He and RC left for breakfast and then head up North for an auction today. It's rainy so I bet they won't be there long.
This afternoon have to go decorate and do a Bridal Shower for my cousin. Wrap the gift, make a card, etc. Tomorrow I am hoping will be uneventful for us. Going to dinner out, maybe with my mom and dad. Then nothing, but locking myself away in the stamp room!!

So I will see you all Monday with some new stories and some new creations!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Selina said...

Happy Mother's Day, Katie!

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