Sunday, May 27, 2007


Good evening...
Using up more WISH RAK images, these ones from the Cowboy Kid set. I am so bummed that I never got this set myself. I know one of my friends from Stamp Club has it so I could borrow it from her if I really wanted to. But I still WISHed for it.
I mounted this lil guy on Apricot Appeal, then grabbed a scrap of DP from the Crate cowboy collection. Added ribbon with Hodgepodge Hardware to look western like! LOL...
We went out to my aunts tonight for dinner. My cousin and his wife and three boys were there. Her brother (who lives her and I am good friends with his wife) were there too...they have two boys and a baby girl. Plus our three. There were 9 kids there under 7! about a mad house! Then another cousin came with her two (under 7 as well!) But the night was beautiful, we enjoyed the time outside with everyone. Some skeet shooting, then a campfire for S'Mores. I have an adorable pictures of the three babies in their diapers. I'll post it tomorrow!
Greg's dad will be here tomorrow. He is moving here...he isn't doing so well and he needs to be up here with family instead of alone in Reno. So Greg's brother went to get him and since the house he's moving into isn't quite ready, he is going to stay with us. We have an extra room downstairs for him. I know things will be OK, it's just going to be a shock on him to go from being alone to having three kids. Hopefully it won't be more than a week.
I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures...I'm just to lazy to upload them tonight!! LOL...

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