Saturday, May 05, 2007

{Tis the season}

Garage Sale Season that is!! There were 2 last night and 8 today!! WOW!! Some were of cousrse, better than others, but we still came away with a lot of ....stuff. Good stuff too. I got McKinley the nicest lil Snow White dress up dress and shoes!! Yeah!! And she got a new lil ride on toy. The boys found some treasures and so did Greg. I forgot to add that Greg got the best deal actually. He bought a cell phone case and inside was one of these ear pieces that you can talk without hands. And it works like a charm!! How cool for 25 cents!!
There was also an auction...those are are Vices. We have another couple that we like to go to them with and we always walk away with treasures!! Which we did again today and it only set us back $38! I got this cool jar for my ribbons with a bunch of other things for $2.50!! Way cool. The boys found some treasures and my friend and I split some tiny lil glass bottles. Don't know what I'll do with 'em but they looked fun!!
So now I am pooped. Up too early and ready for some rest!! And it's not even 2 yet!! Man, we did good. Now we need to find a home for all these things. Ugh!

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