Friday, May 25, 2007

TGIF - the last day of school!!

As promised some Family Friday pictures. Today is the last day of's cold and dreary. I hope that all stops her after today. It's summer vacation for crying out loud!

This weekend my cousin is getting married, so that will be our excitement.
We talked about going to the lake, but if today is any indication, we may not. Maybe just spend time with everyone who is here this weekend.

Have a great safe and I'll be back here Tuesday!!

Top: David and his lost tooth;RC, McKinley and Hunter.
Middle: Me, RC and McKinley
Bottom: David's last day(today!) and Pebbles...isn't she cute?!

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Nancy said...

If today is the last day of school, when do your kids go back? Here in Canada (at least everywhere in Canada that I know of) we have school from the first week of September until mid to late June.... another month left for us!

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