Wednesday, May 30, 2007

{No Creations Wednesday}

No creations today. I was down in my stamp room yesterday for a short time, and started on my cards for stamp club. I wish I could be down there now. It's so chilly and drizzily.

I am going to stuff Super Shoppers (a weekly flyer here). I am really looking forward to it today. All I am going to say and that things are stressful here at the Skiff house. I'm praying that by the weekend they will be back to normal. Then I can escape to my room! LOL...

Here are a few other Blogs that I like to look at. As you see on the side there, I have a lot. Well, I do not read them all every day!! I let Google do that!! I go to Google Reader and I just added all my blogs I like to look at and when the authors post on their blogs, it shows up on there. Then when I want to chill and read, I go there. It's so nice!!

So here they are.

Ashley's Creative Corner
Eh'Mazing Stampers

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